Wulf & Lamb, No-Fuss Vegan Restaurant, London

Wulf & Lamb, No-Fuss Vegan Restaurant, London

Wulf & Lamb, Vegan Restaurant in London

Wulf & Lamb is a 100% plant-based restaurant in Chelsea, London. It has a prime location near Sloane Square, one of the upscale areas in central London. Wulf & Lamb serves no-fuss vegan comfort food ranging from burgers to wraps and pasta. They also have a wide range of delicious vegan pastries, cakes and desserts. I think it is the perfect location for a chill lunch or dinner, or even for a catch up with a friend over some coffee and delicious cake. Their breakfast menu also looks delicious.

Wulf & Lamb Cakes and Pastries

The Food

I heard good things about the burgers at Wulf & Lamb, so even though the Coconut Curry sounded very tempting, I ordered The Wulf Burger. It contains a burger made with seitan and the usual burger toppings, a side of wedges and some sauerkraut. I must say I was a bit disappointed by the quantity of wedges as it comes with only 4, but other than that it was great. My friends both chose the Creamy Linguine with parmesan sauce and brussels sprouts. Their portions were very generous and their pasta tasted very cheesy and creamy.

The Wulf Burger made with Seitan

Creamy Vegan Linguine

I was quite satisfied after my burger but once I saw the dessert menu we all decided we had to try these! Because we couldn’t choose between all of the yummy cakes and the raw desserts, we chose 3. The tiramisu, the vegan deconstructed cheesecake and the carrot cake. They were all really good and the plating was extremely sophisticated.

The carrot cake was a bit too sweet for my taste with all the icing. The tiramisu was very creamy but could have had a bit more biscuit in it. It was mostly different flavoured creams with a little crust of seeds and nuts at the bottom. If there would be a little more texture difference in the dessert it would be absolutely perfect as the flavours were amazing!

Raw Vegan Tiramisu at Wulf and Lamb

My absolute favourite was the cheesecake which I was least excited about when we ordered the desserts. It was super fruity, full of flavour and had lots of different textures to it. It was served with jam, a nutty deconstructed crust, and a scoop of cheesecake cream on top. So delicious! Both the tiramisu and the cheesecake were served with little meringues.

Raw Vegan Mango and Passionfruit Cheesecake at Wulf and Lamb


The Verdict

The food was really good, it is simple yet delicious. The restaurant is in the heart of London with plenty of things to do around the area, making it the perfect place to go for dinner after some shopping or for brunch with friends on the weekend! It has a nice vibe and we were really felt welcomed by the staff. I would mostly recommend it for the amazing cakes and desserts. The mains were also good but not as exceptional as the rest. I also think that the burger was a bit overpriced for what you get. Overall I would definitely recommend it. Another great 100% plant-based place in London!


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