Vegan in Amsterdam: The Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan in Amsterdam: The Vegan Junk Food Bar

Amsterdam is an amazing city. There is so much to see and do and, with so many completely vegan restaurants, like the Vegan Junk Food Bar, it is like paradise. This past weekend I went to Amsterdam to visit one of my best friends from my exchange in America. Luckily she’s vegan too and we went to some of the best vegan spots in the city! If you are in Amsterdam for the weekend or planning on going keep on reading.

The first place she took me to was The Vegan Junk Food Bar. They have two locations, the restaurant in De Pijp area and the BurgerBar near het Vondelpark, on the west side of the city. Whilst the restaurant has a few more options than the burger bar, it is very difficult to get a table.

The Vegan Junk Food Bar (BurgerBar), Amsterdam

Since I arrived quite late at night and we hadn’t made any plans yet we went to the burger bar. The food is exactly what you can expect by its name, 100% plant-based comfort food that resembles the little pleasures in life. From vegan burgers, to nuggets and the best loaded fries I’ve had.

As I had the best tour guide in Amsterdam, she obviously showed me all the tricks. When we arrived to the VJFB it was completely packed and there was a huge queue outside. I already thought we would have to go somewhere else when my friend took me to the bar next door. Not many people know this, but the two places belong to the same owner, and you can secretly order the VJFB food there as well! But shhh… it’s a secret.


The Menu

Vegan Junk Food BurgerBar Menu

The Food

We had the crunchy golden seaweed nuggets which were really good. They were a bit oily but other than that meaty on the inside but had a crispy seaweed crunch to them, making them taste a bit like fish. We also had the mediterranean style mozzarella spring rolls which I was a bit skeptical about until I tried them… OMG… the perfect combination of melty cheese with the crunch of the spring roll dough.

Finally, we decided to share the Kapsalon fries with vegan shawarma meat, lots of sauce and some veggies on top. When I thought the food could not get any better this was a completely new level of indulgence! I really want to go back to try their plant-based ‘beef’ burgers as they must be amazing too. It’s best to go with a lot of friends so you can try and share everything.

Mozarella Sticks and Loaded Kapsalon Fries at the VJFB

To see the menu from their restaurant in De Pijp, click here.

More posts about vegan places in Amsterdam to follow soon!


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