Vegan in Amsterdam Pt. 2: Meatless District

Vegan in Amsterdam Pt. 2: Meatless District

Meatless District

Meatless District in Amsterdam is just what it sounds like, a completely meatless restaurant. All their meals are completely vegan and plant-based, using some of the most popular vegan Dutch products. They serve kroketten op brood (a typical dutch snack / lunch dish), croquettes on bread, which are usually made with meat, from De Vegetarische Slager, and use vegan cheeses which are available in the Dutch supermarkets. The food they serve for lunch is no-fuss, simple, delicious and filling. If you still have some space for dessert they serve vegan cakes and tarts from Dophert, another vegan restaurant in Amsterdam (which I would definitely recommend you leave some space for).

My friend and I went here for lunch on my second day in Amsterdam as she really recommended me to try the kroketten sandwich. It is a great place to have some of the comfort dishes that are not always easy to enjoy after becoming vegan, such as french toast. For which they luckily serve some great vegan alternatives here! Their lunch menu is quite simple, serving sandwiches, burgers and vegan versions of some typical Dutch lunch dishes.

The restaurant is the perfect place to meet a friend and have a chill, and not very expensive lunch. I loved the design, the vibe and the place overall as it is very nicely decorated and the staff is lovely. However, if you are only in Amsterdam for a few days I would not recommend going here specifically to try the vegan food. The meals are quite simple and some of the dishes are things I would make at home quite often with a small twist to them, such as the artichoke hummus sandwich.


The Menu

This is their lunch menu. The prices are mostly the same for all the sandwiches, but the burgers are a bit more expensive.

For their full menu click here.

I would really like to try their dinner and brunch menu, as they look more exciting than the lunch menu.

The Food

We decided to order the BLT-extra sandwich and the Kroketten sandwich, and I must say they were really good! The Kroketten sandwich is made with croquettes from De Vegetarische slager and they took me right back to my childhood. They taste so much like the real thing, it’s crazy. The best thing is that you can also buy their stuff in supermarkets in the Netherlands.

The BLT was also really good, it has a lot of cheese and tasted great. Although you could not really taste the aubergine bacon, which was a bit disappointing.

Kroketten Sandwich at Meatless District

BLT-Extra at Meatless District with Vegan Cheese and Aubergine Bacon

We shared both dishes and were actually quite full for dessert. But I can never NOT have dessert! So we ordered the chocolate ganache tart to take with us to eat later in the Vondelpark. I cannot describe how incredible this tasted. It was a combination of super rich and indulgent chocolate, with a really nice tart crust and crunchy nuts inside the chocolate. It literally hit every spot on my taste buds.

Something I also really liked here are the all-natural lemonades in a variety of flavours by Agroposta. They come in little sachets and you can choose your favourite flavour, including some more exotic ones like lavender and sage. I tried both of these because I like to try new things and they were both surprisingly nice.

Agroposta Lemonade Sachets

The Verdict

Meatless District is a great place to have a relaxed and not too expensive meal with a friend. The interior looks great, they have done a nice job furnishing the restaurant. I think it’s a great place if you want to try some Dutch food, or you just feel like something simple and casual. It wasn’t the highlight of the vegan places we tried in Amsterdam but I would definitely recommend going here for some delicious comfort food.


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