Pickywops, London’s First Vegan Pizza Restaurant

Pickywops, London’s First Vegan Pizza Restaurant

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Last weekend I finally got round to trying Pickywops, the not-so-new anymore first vegan pizza restaurant in London, and it did not disappoint! They have two locations in London. We went to the one in Fulham, which is in a small and cozy venue. They have one table inside that sits about 6 people and another 2 people can sit at the bar. They bring out some more tables in the corridor after the other shops close, offering seating to another 10 people.

About Pickywops

The founders trained as pizza chefs in Italy, specialising in different types of enhanced, healthier bases. They first started off with just this concept, creating wholemeal quality pizza bases, to transform the usually junk-food tending sector. They explained that there are different types of bases ranging from type 00, which is the most processed, to type 2 which is what they serve. This type only includes pure, nutritious ingredients such as hemp, spirulina and burned wheat.

Menu board, interior of the restaurant

Pickywops Menu

When you order a pizza at Pickywops you can completely design your own pizza.

    1. First you start by choosing a base from the following, all offering some sort of health benefit:
      • Multigrain – made with 7 grains
      • Kamut – from the ancient Khorasan grain
      • Burned wheat – roasted wheat
      • Spirulina – wholemeal with spirulina powder
      • Turmeric – wholemeal with turmeric powder
      • Hemp – wholemeal and ground hemp seeds (contains extra protein form the hemp)
        Extra: choose to add an almond ricotta stuffed crust to any full-sized pizza


    1. Choose your topics: you can choose from any pre-selected topping combinations or create your own. We tried the Ravenous Lumberjack because we really wanted to try the seitan sausage, and the Vegan Victory as it is one of their most famous pizzas.


    1. Choose your type of cheese:
      • Coconut mozzarella (Violife)
      • Rice Mozzarella
      • Cashew Mozzarella (homemade)


  1. Add any extras of your choice

Pickywops Menu

The Result

These were our results:

On the left: The Vegan Victory 7 inch pizza with a burned wheat base. I think that this base went very well with the toppings as it has a more savoury flavour than the kamut base from the other pizza. This one has one type of mozzarella, the Violife coconut cheese, and lots of veggies.

On the right: The Ravenous Lumberjack with a kamut base and almond stuffed crust. The kamut flour brought the perfect soft balance with the more savoury sausage and two cheeses. The almond stuffed crust gave a nice fresh touch to it. Definitely a good choice! (I think it’s hard to go wrong here)


We really wanted to try their dessert pizza as well but we didn’t even manage to finish these two! We wanted to get two small 7 inch ones and the chocolate pizza but the stuffed crust is only available on the large pizzas. So now even more excuses to go back another time!


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