FED by Water, The Best Vegan Italian in London

FED by Water, The Best Vegan Italian in London

FED by Water

FED by water is a completely plant-based and ethical and environmentally conscious Italian restaurant in Dalston, London. The water they serve is purified, which goes to their name, FED by Water. The food, including their home-made cheeses are completely plant-based, made in house and healthy. Their menu constantly changes to create dishes that use seasonal fruit and vegetables. Hereby they put as little strain on the environment as possible and also keep it interesting.

I’d heard many good things about it from friends and had been wanting to try it for a while. I can say that it definitely lived up to my expectations and did not disappoint! They were closed for a while recently due to water damage but finally reopened this Easter weekend, making the perfect opportunity to try it out.


The Food

We started with our drinks. My boyfriend ordered one of their local lager beers and I went for the ginger mojito, which was incredible. I would definitely recommend it.

Ginger Mojito

The starters are varied, including garlic bread, sides of greens and cheese platters. I most looked forward to try their homemade cheeses. I had a cheese platter for the first time when I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. It is one of the best vegan things I have tried, so this was definitely something I wanted to eat again!

We ordered the vegan burrata cheese ball which is made with soya milk and cashews as a starter. It was so rich in taste and creamy, with a dash of truffle oil, giving it the perfect touch of flavour. It was also huge so definitely worth the price!

Vegan burrata mozzarella made with soya and cashews

For the main course we really wanted to try their pizzas and decided to share two between us (which I must admit was a bit optimistic after the starter!). My boyfriend got the Diavola which essentially is a vegan version of a pepperoni pizza. It has seitan spicy salami and culatella as well as smoked tofu. They have the option of a white base or a black base with activated charcoal. We ordered this one with a white base, which went very well with the strong flavours of the toppings. It was quite spicy and had a lot of flavour to it, but it balanced very well with the crust and the vegan mozzarella.


The Pizzas

Vegan diavola pizza with seitan and tofu at FED by Water

I wanted something a bit less meaty and ordered the Madre Natura with an activated charcoal base and this one was also really good! The pizza comes with a lot of toppings, which my boyfriend didn’t enjoy as much, but I absolutely loved it. It has a lot of flavour from the different types of veg and the plant-based ricotta-style cheese. The taste of the activated charcoal was a bit more earthy than the white one, but it went well with the veg and the cheese.

Madre natura vegan pizza with ricotta style cheese at FED by Water

It was so much food I couldn’t even finish my pizza after the starter we shared. They kindly put the pizza in a takeaway box so I could take it with me. We also relished to try their desserts, they looked so mouthwatering… They have a delicious berry cheesecake, a chocolate mousse and a vegan tiramisu. We decided to go for the Tiraminut and the Cheesefake and it was a very good choice!

Tiraminut at FED by Water

Berry Cheesefake at FED by Water

The desserts were really delicious! I would like to see some sorbet ice cream in summer though. They were both quite filling, especially after the pizza’s, the nutritious nuts in the desserts made it quite heavy on the stomach. The berry cheesefake was a nice tart contrast to the savoury food and the nutty crust was the perfect texture with that of the creamy “cheese” filling. The tiramisu also tasted really good although I did miss the traditional biscuits. It has a nutty bottom to it as well, which is nice, but I am a big fan of the traditional tiramisu.

The Verdict

What I think they do especially well at FED by water is taking the traditional italian kitchen and making delicious vegan versions that also non-vegan people can enjoy. My boyfriend is almost 100% vegan as well, but he was a bit skeptical about how the pizza would be. However, I think this was one of the things that was great about this place, the pizza bases were amazing and tasted just like Italian food. A lot of places that I’ve been to serve vegan and healthy food but are definitely not as tasty as the non-vegan version of the dish, or they compromise on the style of the food to make it healthier or vegan. That was definitely not the cases here.

Overall, I think it is a great place to go for dinner, also for a special occasions. The restaurant is very nicely decorated, the staff is friendly and the food is great (also in price – quality relation). FED by Water also supports the local community by selling local beers and using seasonal veg and fruits. And last but not least, they are environmentally friendly and healthy. This all makes it a well-rounded place with great food and great vibes!


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